by Adam Armstrong

Actifio Partners With Amazon & Google To Offer New Cloud Services

Today Actifio announced that it was working with Amazon and Google to offer new services to its customers. Actifio Sky is now available in Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace. Customers can now run Actifio’s Virtual Data Pipeline technology on the AWS Cloud. Actifio is also announcing that customers can take advantage of Google’s Nearline Cloud Storage with one-click access through Actifio’s platform.

Actifio Sky allows users to protect data locally at remote sites (and back up centrally) for faster restore times and, in the event of a disaster, users can restore data off the central cluster/sky Cloud to have things up and running again quickly. Now in just a few short clicks, enterprises running their workloads in AWS will be able to take advantage of Actifio Sky’s copy data virtualization technology.

Actifio customers can now add a vault option to their portfolio as well. Using Google Cloud Nearline Storage Actifio customers will be able to store less active data very cost-effectively (less than one cent per GB at its lowest) and yet still have very fast retrieval times.

Features and benefits of Actifio and Google Nearline Cloud Storage include:

  • Set it and forget it - Once an SLA including vaulting has been created and attached to an application - say, for production data aged beyond 3 months - the movement of that data into Google Nearline is completely automated.
  • Local storage availability - Actifio Sky offers near instant mounting of data volumes, even those stored on Google Nearline’s object storage.
  • Improved data access - Actifio makes it easy to clone data from Google Nearline storage, supporting copy data use cases including data analysis and compliance even for data that's aged out of the data center or production cloud environment.
  • Compression and Encryption - Application data is always compressed globally from production - across secondary use cases - to minimize the storage footprint. Also encrypted by a user-supplied pass phrase.


Both Actifio Sky in AWS through Actifio is available today and Google Cloud Nearline Storage through Actifio will be avialable later this year.

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