by Adam Armstrong

Actifio Releases Next-Gen UI For Copy Data Virtualization

Today Actifio released the new version of its front end software, Actifio Global Manager (AGM). This new version of software is intended to make it faster and easier to automate data management, access, and protection across the hybrid cloud.

Actifio took the input of its customers and then designed its new central management console, AGM, around customers input to ensure that it meets the needs of a hybrid cloud, multi-site enterprise IT, or service provider organization. AGM is modernized as well by being built from the ground up in HTML5.

AGM Features include:

  • A centralized single pane of glass to manage, monitor, & troubleshoot 1000s of protected hosts, dozens of Actifio physical and virtual appliances
  • A scale out architecture to manage and monitor Actifio appliances in one data center, multiple remote data centers, and even public clouds such as AWS
  • Designed for large Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to administer Actifio appliances at remote customer locations from a centralized operations center
  • Simplified day to day operations with:
    • Centralized global policy and SLA-based management
    • Enhanced visualization with a new HTML5 based interface to display timeline-based views of SLAs, backup, replication events and alerts from across an enterprise
    • Simplified capacity management with ‘one click’ migration of applications to a different Actifio appliance
    • Automatic load balancing by spreading new applications among a pool of Actifio appliances


Actifio Global Manager is available now.

Actifio main site

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