by Brian Beeler

Adaptec MaxIQ Controllers Announced With SSD Cache Support

Adaptec has announced three new MaxIQ storage controllers which are highlighted by SSD cache support. Adaptec has also increased the number of SSDs their RAID cards support. 

Adaptec MaxIQ

All of the new MaxIQ controllers feature 1.2 GHz of processing power, 512MB of DDR2 write cache, MaxIQ Hybrid SSD read caching with support for multiple MLC and SLC SSD devices, and direct I/O connectivity for SATA/SAS SSDs, hard drives, and tape devices. 

The Adaptec Q-Series Storage Controller Family includes:

- Adaptec MaxIQ 2405Q (4 internal ports)
- Adaptec MaxIQ 5805Q (8 internal ports)
- Adaptec MaxIQ 5805ZQ (8 internal ports with Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection for battery-free data protection)


The Adaptec RAID 2405Q, 5805Q, 5805ZQ list for 645, $1,215 and $1,485, respectively and are available now.

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