by Adam Armstrong

AIC Announces 1U 36-Bay Server Supporting Up To 576TB

At Flash Memory Summit 2017, several announcements have come out around increasing density of SSDs with more focus on NVMe drives this year. Every year there is also a big hubbub around some massively dense SSD that never seems to materialize or even have a real use case. This year Samsung announced a new form factor, NGSFF, which is smaller than 2.5” and has up to 16TB per drive and already AIC is announcing a server for it with its OB127-LX.

The AIC OB127-LX utilizes a lot of the newly announced technology such as up to two Intel Scalable Processors and Samsung’s NGSFF SSDs. On top of that, the server has 24 DDR4 memory slots (though the total wasn’t given at the time of the release) and a total of 300 Gb/s Ethernet. According to AIC, the OB127-LX can hit 10 million IOPS (the same numbers Samsung was quoting at FMS) and hit 8 million IOPS over 300Gb/s Ethernet. This would make it an ideal solution for Scale-out, Scale-up, Database, Real-time analytics, Deep Learning, and/or Content Distribution Network.

AIC OB127-LX specifications:

  • Form factor: 1U
  • CPU: 2x Intel Xeon Scalable Processors family
  • Chipset: Intel C620
  • Memory: 24 DIMM slots for DDR4
  • Drive bays:
    • External: 36 NGSFF hot swappable
    • Internal: 2x M.2 NGFF to support PCIe Gen3.0 x4 or SATA
    • Total capacity: 576TB
  • Ports:
    • Front: 2x USB 3.0
    • Rear:
      • 3x RJ-45
      • 2x USB 3.0
      • 1x VGA
      • 1X Serial
  • Expansion slots: PCIe 3.0 (2 x NIC Cards, 2 x OCP Mezzanine Cards v2.0)
  • BIOS type:
    • Insyde UEFI BIOS
    • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) FLASH Interface
  • Network controllers: Intel Ethernet Controller I210 Gigabit MAC/PHY to support 2 x RJ45 GbE
  • Graphics: Aspeed AST2500 Advanced PCIe Graphics & Remote Management Processor
  • Power supply: AC 1200W or 1600W 1+1 redundant high-ef ciency power supply 80+
  • System cooling: 7 x 40x56mm dual rotor hot swap fan modules
  • Dimensions
    • (WxDxH) 482.6 x 801.2 x 44mm (19 x 31.5 x 1.7 in)
    • Weight: 28kg (61.7lbs)

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