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AMD Announces Radeon Pro WX 8200

Today at SIGGRAPH, AMD announced that it was expanding its powerful workstation, Radeon Pro WX, line with a new addition, the WX 8200. The WX 8200 is billed as the most powerful workstation GPU under a thousand dollars. The company is also announcing major updates to its Radeon ProRender technology.

GPU needs are growing more and more in most fields but have been and continue to be high in fields such as design and manufacturing, media and entertainment, and architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). The new WX 8200 is based on the “Vega” GPU architecture with the 14nm FinFET process, which AMD states will allow the card to effortlessly accelerate design and rendering. The card is in the process of being certified on popular applications such as Adobe CC, Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Revit. For those working on IP-sensitive materials, the Radeon Pro WX 8200 runs these tasks through the AMD Secure Processor for securing data while processing it.

Features include:

  • High Bandwidth Cache Controller (HBCC): The Radeon Pro WX 8200 graphics card’s state-of-the-art memory system removes the capacity limitations of traditional GPU memory, letting creators and designers work with much larger, more detailed models and assets in real time.
  • Enhanced Pixel Engine: The “Vega” GPU architecture’s enhanced pixel engine lets creators build more complex worlds without worrying about GPU limitations, increasing efficiency by batching related work into the GPU’s local cache to processes them simultaneously. New “shade once” technology ensures only pixels visible in the final scene are shaded.
  • Error Correcting Code (ECC) Memory: Helps guarantee the accuracy of computations by correcting any single or double-bit error resulting from naturally occurring background radiation.

AMD is also announcing new plug-ins for its high-performance physically-based rendering engine, Radeon ProRender. These plug-ins give users access for:

  • PTC Creo: Enables designers and engineers to quickly and easily create incredibly rendered visualizations of their products and is available now in beta.
  • Pixar USD viewport: For developers building a USD Hydra viewport for their application, the new USD plug-in available on GitHub adds path-traced rendering for accurate viewport previews.

Availability and Pricing

The AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 is available now for $999.

Radeon Pro WX 8200

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