by Adam Armstrong

AMD Previews Its New Naples Server Processor

AMD is giving the world a peak at its upcoming high-performance CPU for servers, codenamed "Naples.” This new CPU is built to scale across the cloud datacenter and traditional on-premise server configurations. The new CPUs are stated as being able to deliver superior memory bandwidth and the number of high-speed input / output channels in a single-chip, making it stand apart from other sever CPUs available now.

As far as architecture and performance, the AMD Naples will have 45% more cores, 60% more input / output capacity (I/O), and 122% more memory bandwidth that what is currently offered. According to AMD, the new CPU will deliver the highly regarded "Zen" x86 processing engine in industry-leading configurations of up to 32 cores. One of the ideal use cases for Naples will be in seismic analysis.

Naples features include:

  • A highly scalable, 32-core System on Chip (SoC) design, with support for two high-performance threads per core
  • Industry-leading memory bandwidth, with 8-channels of memory per Naples device. In a 2-socket server, support for up to 32 DIMMS of DDR4 on 16 memory channels, delivering up to 4 terabytes of total memory capacity.
  • The processor is a complete SoC with fully integrated, high-speed I/O supporting 128 lanes of PCIe 3, negating the need for a separate chip-set
  • A highly-optimized cache structure for high-performance, energy efficient compute
  • AMD Infinity Fabric coherent interconnect for two Naples CPUs in a 2-socket system
  • Dedicated security hardware

AMD will be delivering two presentations on its datacenter strategy at Open Compute Summit. Scott Aylor, vice president of enterprise solutions will talk in the main hall on Wed., March 8th at 4:55 PM PST, while Dan Bounds, senior director of enterprise products, will deliver an engineering Tech Talk on Thurs., March 9th at 9:20 AM PST on the Expo Hall stage. 


AMD Naples’ (or rather its officially named product) CPUs are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2017.  Volume availability would be expected later this year.

AMD Naples

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