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AMI StorTrends iDATA Performance Analytics Tools Now Available

‚ÄčAmerican Megatrends Inc. (AMI) has announced the release of the StorTrends iDATA (Intelligent Data Analysis Tracking Application), a free software tool that is specifically designed to offer an accurate assessment of IT infrastructure performance, capacity, and throughput requirements. With these essential measurements, the StorTrends iDATA tool can assess pain points in an environment before they become an issue all the while providing the details needed to make informed storage decisions. 

The StorTrends iDATA software tool runs in the background of an existing IT environment for seven days in an non-intrusive manner. After the seven days, the tool produces an analysis output file, which is a report that provides important metrics including capacity utilization, IOPS usage, reads versus writes for volumes, network bandwidth performance, server statistics and application information. With these metrics, businesses can use them to accurately develop a short and long-term storage strategy with greater confidence. 

iDATA Report Summary

Key features and functionality include:

  • Active Data Identification/Hot Data: The StorTrends iDATA tool can identify the active or hot data within a customer’s environment, which allows the customer to make a more educated purchase of higher performance drives, including SSD/Flash or SAS. As a result, customers can avoid costly over provisioning as well as under provisioning, which would starve applications and create bottlenecks in the new environment. Additionally, StorTrends iDATA helps customers to be more comfortable in making future purchases and changes to their environment by knowing their active or hot data versus their inactive or cold data.
  • VDI Requirements/ User and App Performance:  While many VDI implementations fail due to underestimating the profiles of all the users within the VDI infrastructure, the StorTrends iDATA tool can be ran on users’ existing setups, which will detect the key metrics to identify the user profile as a Light, Medium, Power Standard or Power Heavy user. As a result, this allows for the proper selection of server compute and storage (such as physical CPU, virtual cores CPU, memory, SSD capacity and quantity) to make sure the required performance has been met. In addition, StorTrends iDATA measures the exact usage of existing users and outputs the analysis so exact measurements can be used to pinpoint and provision the exact amount of needed server compute and storage resources. This gives customers the ability to avoid over provisioning and under provisioning, which is often costly and damaging to VDI setups.
  • Capacity Growth /Resource Requirements: The StorTrends iDATA tool is ideal for customers who are running existing data storage and are looking to refresh their existing unit. StorTrends iDATA can identify the performance in regards to reads versus writes, the total IOPS, and the throughput, which enable customers to identify the type and quantity of disk required for their refresh. StorTrends iDATA also monitors the average daily growth of the data all the while monitoring the customer’s environment. This makes way for intelligent growth planning to ensure that the replacement data storage can scale properly with businesses actual data growth needs.

Key metrics evaluated by StorTrends iDATA include:

  • Capacity Usage & Growth
  • IOPS (Read versus Writes)
  • Network Utilization
  • Hot/Active and Cold/Inactive data
  • System Performance
  • Application Loads
  • Latency (ms)
  • Queue Depth
  • IO Size


The StorTrends iDATA tool is available now at the StrorTrends website.

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