by Adam Armstrong

Arcserve Announces Second-generation UDP

Today Arcserve, LLC announced the release of its second-generation Unified Data Protection (UDP) Appliance series. Arcserve is making the bold claim that this new UDP series will be the most cost-effective and easily-deployable purpose-built backup appliance in the data protection industry. No surprise, the new series of applicanes is fully integrated with Arcserve’s UDP software. According to the company, this new series aims to simplify disaster recovery (DR) for companies that want to “set and forget” their DR solutions yet still want enterprise-grade data protection.

As we previously stated, the UDP appliances are ideal for remote offices, primary backups, deduplication, disaster recovery, and can be used as a cloud gateway appliance. The appliances can replicate to centralized appliances, including those at cloud-hosted locations. All the new appliances are completely interoperable between UDP systems, can fit into traditional software/server UDP deployment with the same feature set, and is managed from the same console. Arcserve has seen a 4,900% growth in sales of its appliances in the past year and this new generation brings the total amount of appliances offered up to 16.

This new series of UDP appliances is especially beneficial for partners and managed service providers that are already using UDP. Not only does the new series offer capacities for most needs, it is completely interoperable with existing Arcserve UDP software deployments without the need for additional licenses. Like its initial release, Arcserve states that the new UDP is ideal for branch or decentralized offices or as the backup, deduplication, disaster recovery and cloud gateway appliance for primary locations.

New features and capabilities include:

  • Highly-expandable storage capacity to protect up to 240TB of raw source data
  • Enhanced hardware features for enterprise-grade resiliency
  • Support for public cloud services and the Arcserve Cloud for a complete, offsite backup and disaster recovery solution and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) option
  • Data deduplication efficiency to reduce redundant storage
  • Simple, wizard-driven setup for ease of use, often deployable in 15 minutes or less
  • Robust capabilities including on-appliance virtual standby, instant failover and bare metal recovery (BMR), high availability and multi-site WAN-optimized replication


The latest version of Arcserve UDP is expected to be available in November with some capabilities expected in 2017.

Arcserve Unified Data Protection

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