by Adam Armstrong

Arcserve Releases Its UDP Cloud Direct DRaaS

Arcserve announced the release of what it is referring to as the first solution to cost-effectively deliver near-zero cloud recovery points with consumer-grade simplicity, Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct DRaaS. The company saw a market gap and the need for less downtime and capitalized on it. The new DRaaS and BaaS solution is available though UDP Cloud Direct.

Arcserve states that this new solution can remove the risk of data loss and deliver faster recovery times by utilizes the agility of the cloud. The new service works through a combination of Arcserve’s networking and replication cloud-first technology, as well as leveraging DRaaS-optimized data centers. This service does not require an appliance. Arcserve was able to deliver this affordable near-zero recovery point seven months ahead of schedule form its earlier roadmap.

Benefits include:

  • Near-zero data loss, anywhere: data, systems and applications are available in minutes with sub five- minute RTOs and sub 15-minute cloud RPOs. Multiple automated backup validations ensure data is fully recoverable and error-free
  • Complete platform support: for all midmarket platforms, hypervisors and cloud and on-premises systems
  • Easy to use with self-service access: users install and configure in minutes, regardless of the level of network complexity, and maintain visibility across all backups from a single, web-based console accessible from anywhere
  • Affordable: subscription-based pricing specifically designed for cost-conscious budgets gives any size business system resiliency
  • Orchestration and failback: initiates recovery using a sequence of predetermined events with incremental failback that allows you to continue running systems in the cloud while managing the sequential failback seamlessly in the background. Cloud to local operation takes place easily, in minutes

The Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct DRaaS is built with the midmarket and decentralized enterprise businesses in mind. Working though cloud storage only eliminates the need for an appliance and can accelerate deployment, lowers complexity, and helps support extremely stringent SLAs. 
The new solution is also ideal for channel partners and cloud service providers as their customers may not have the resources for offsite backup.


Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct is available now worldwide.

Arcserve Unified Data Protection

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