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Fujitsu MPF3xxxAH MPF3102AH
  July 2, 2000 Author: Eugene Ra  


This brings us down to heat and noise. How exactly has the introduction of fluid bearing motors in Fujitsu's drives affected these two important parameters? Though we must keep in mind that this evaluation sample possesses only one platter, we're pleased to report that the result is nothing less than amazing. Compared to the two-platter Fireball lct15, a drive that achieved new lows in acoustics in its own right, the MPF-AH is whisper quiet when it comes to idle noise. It was so quiet, in fact, that we have to leave the case open, sit right next to it on the floor, unplug the Fireball lct10 (our boot drive), unplug the CPU fan, and place our ear close to the drive itself to hear it spinning! Seek noise, obviously, was more audible, but still very quiet, only a shade louder than the lct15. Despite the reputation that fluid bearings received from the literally scorching Seagate Medalist Pro, the Fujitsu remains cool to the touch after extended operation. Well done!

When one looks at the big picture, the MPF-AH delivers quite a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses. Despite its 7200rpm nature, the unit simply can't deliver performance along the lines of the IBM Deskstar 75GXP or the Quantum Fireball Plus LM. Even when compared to more sedate offerings from Maxtor and Seagate, Fujitu's drive trails. Despite its sluggish performance, however, the MPF-AH warrants serious consideration from many users. We're bombarded with e-mail from readers asking us what the quietest drive around is. Until very recently, it used to be Fujitsu's own MPD (and, perhaps, the MPE series) line. Recent pushes by Seagate and Quantum have made the quiet drive stakes very competitive. Even so, Fujitsu makes strong claim to being the quietest game in town with this unit. If you need quiet operation yet fear the performance that the 4400rpm lct15 will deliver, the MPF-AH is your ticket.

Fujitsu MPF3xxxAH MPF3102AH
Estimated Price: $110
Also Available: MPF3204AH (20.4 GB); MPF3153AH (15.3 GB)
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