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Fujitsu MAJ3xxx MAJ3182LP
  July 20, 2000 Author: Eugene Ra  


Fujitsu's drives have always received high marks for quiet operation. The 10k RPM MAJ is no exception. There's little detectable idle noise over our testbed's PC Power & Cooling Silencer power supply. Seeks are quite muted- softer than the commendable Seagate Cheetah 36LP... in fact, it approaches the noise floor of today's 7200rpm ATA drives such as the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40. Running the drive outside of a cooler (with the bay immediately above kept open) results in warm but not hot operation. The story may be different with the 36 gig version of the drive, however.

-- The Safe Buy Award --

Simply put, this designation means we'd purchase this product without regret. Sure, there may be a slightly better, slightly faster, and/or slightly less-expensive model from a competitor, but you can't go wrong with this particular unit. This award is applicable, of course, to all units at the top of their class, but also applies to units that, though not quite best-of-class, provide a strong showing nonetheless. Overall, the Fujitsu MAJ3xxx is a surprisingly speedy performer from a company that admittedly has not fared well on performance tests over the course of SR's two-year history. Despite its (mostly irrelevant) low WinBench 99 scores, the MAJ turns in the highest scores of any 10k RPM disk in the far more important IOMeter Workstation Suite. Combine such stellar performance with pleasing environmental factors and you come up with a winner. Our only caveat is the drive's scarce availability. As we've remarked before, Fujitsu's penetration into the American retail market is downright poor. Those who find themselves wanting the MAJ may have to settle for the competition simply because they can't find the drive. If you can, however, and are considering SCSI for your workstation, the MAJ is second to none.

Fujitsu MAJ3182LP
Estimated Price: $874
Also Available: MAJ3364 (36.4 GB); MAJ3091 (9.1 GB)
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