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Fujitsu MAH3xxx MAH3182LP
  September 27, 2000 Author: Eugene Ra  


Fujitsu's recent MAJ3xxx was somewhat of a surprise to us. Though we expected the Japanese manufacturer's latest 10k RPM offering to deliver decent performance, we never expected it to contend for top honors in our IOMeter Workstation suite. But contend it did, coming in a close second only to Quantum's latest-revision Atlas 10k II.

Along with Quantum, Fujitsu has been the leading manufacturer when it comes to packing as much data as possible onto platters found in a SCSI drive. Last year's MAE3xxx, for example, crammed 4.6 gigs of data onto a single platter while competitors such as IBM and Seagate were doing just 3.7. This year is no different, with Fujitsu's current generation 7200 RPM flagship, the MAH3182LP, featuring 9.1 gigs per platter.

This time around, however, Fujitsu has curtailed the capacity offered in its 7200 RPM line. With the MAH3182LP offering only two platters, capacity tops out at just 18 GB. This decision mirrors that of Seagate, whose Barracuda 18XL series, also consolidated at the 18 gig level. This contrasts with competitors Quantum and IBM, two companies that have pushed forward to the 36 gig plateau with their low-profile 7200 RPM units.

The MAH's seek time is specified at 6.8 milliseconds, a bit on the high side when compared to the Atlas V's 6.3 ms and the Barracuda 18XL's 5.9 ms. Buffer size, on the other hand, is relatively roomy. At 4 megs, the Fujitsu matches the size offered by the Quantum and doubles Seagate's cache. An enterprise-class 5-year warranty protects the drive.

Let's turn to the benchmarks to see how the MAH stacks up!

 Low-Level Measurements...


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