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Fujitsu MAH3xxx MAH3182LP
  September 27, 2000 Author: Eugene Ra  

WB99/Win2k Low-Level Measurements

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We measure the Fujitsu's access time at 11.6 milliseconds. Subtracting 4.2 ms to account for the drive's 7200 RPM rotational latency yields a measured seek time of 7.4 milliseconds, a bit higher than Fujitsu's spec. This places it substantially higher than the category-leading Atlas V, whose access time comes in at just 10.4 ms. We should note, however, that a score of 11.6 ms does place the Fujitsu 0.4 ms below that of the Seagate, a drive that boasts the lowest specified seek time at just 5.9 ms... but measures in with an access time of 12.0 ms.

The MAH's transfer rate, on the other hand, easily sets a new record for a 7200 RPM SCSI drive with scores of 34.5 MB/sec in outer zones. This easily tops Quantum's drive (the previous record-holder) by over 5 MB/sec. The Fujitsu's inner-track rates are just as impressive, trumping the competition at 21.1 MB/sec.

Due to the lack of available 7200 RPM drives benchmarked in our new testbed, we've decided to break our tradition of keeping SCSI and ATA comparisons separate within the context of individual articles. Thus we've included the Deskstar 75GXP, Quantum Fireball Plus LM, and Western Digital Caviar 400BB in the above graphs. Its interesting to note how the Fujitsu fails to beat the Quantum in seek times and the IBM in sequential transfer rates. The best of today's ATA drives give 7200 RPM SCSI quite a run for its money.



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