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Sony Spressa CRX1600L - Write/ReWrite Performance Results

  December 20, 2000 Author: Tim Zakharov  

Write/ReWrite Tests

CD-R Based Duplication

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Surprisingly, we found that the CRX1600L imaged our test CD-DA 6% faster than the CRX160E in Adaptec Easy CD Creator. The burn portion of this test was much closer, though, with the CRX160E enjoying an insignificant 1.5% lead. Total audio CD duplication time for the CRX1600L was 13:38, the fastest we've yet seen by a small margin.

In our data CD duplication test, the CRX1600L again edged its brother and the rest of the competition with a total duplication time of 10:05. Results are close enough, though, to be a wash-though the CRX1600L is the fastest CD duplicator we've yet seen with CD-R media, it's unlikely you will notice the few percent difference.

CD-RW Based Duplication

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As with the CRX160E, the external Sony took the cake by a small margin in imaging our data CD, but lost its lead during the burn portion due to its 8X rewrite maximum. In the end, the 10X rewriters completed our duplication test about 15% faster than the 8X Sonys. Burners capable of rewriting at 10X offer significant speed increases to those who use CD-RW media a lot.

CD-R Based Stress Tests

Initially, we wondered if the ATAPI-to-IEEE 1394 interface converter on the CRX1600L would have any effect on performance. One area this would show is our stress tests. However, our tests showed excellent performance here, equal to the pure ATAPI CRX160E. The Unreal Tournament stress test passed at 12X, while the CRX1600L could burn at up to 4X speeds without creating coasters during the CPUmark99 stress test. This equals the best we've seen for a burner without any buffer underrun prevention technology. The lack of this technology, though, means you'll have to baby your burns if you do a lot of heavy multitasking (basic multitasking, like web-browsing and office apps, shouldn't require such caution). That means manually setting the burn speed to a slower speed (say, 4X) in your CD premastering software. The other option, of course, is to burn at 12X and ease up on the multi-tasking until the burn is complete.

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DirectCD Formatting

A full format of high-speed media in DirectCD took less than 16 minutes. This was slightly slower than the CRX160E, but still one of the fastest times we've seen. Subsequent quick formats were completed in just over 18 seconds, again one of the quickest scores we've seen.

DirectCD Packet-Writing Performance

Again, the CRX1600L delivers nearly identical performance to the CRX160E. Its average copy time of 3:27 puts it significantly back of the 10X rewriters in our comparison. The Ricoh MP9120A continues to be the fastest DirectCD rewriter we've tested by far.

DirectCD CD-RW Erasing

Finally, Sony's CRX1600L pulls in an average erase time of 36 seconds using DirectCD's CD-RW Eraser utility.



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