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Pioneer DVD-305S - Specifications

  December 27, 2000 Author: Tim Zakharov  


Our first hint at the difference between the 304S and 305S comes from Pioneer's Australia site. This page shows us that the 305S is labeled "new" while the 304S is labeled "discontinued." According to the spec sheets for the 304S and 305S, the only apparent difference is in the DVD-ROM access times--the 305S is rated at 95 ms while the 304S is rated at 100 ms.

The remainder of the vital specs: an 80 ms CD-ROM access time, a 512 kb buffer, and an industry-standard 1-year warranty. Digital audio extraction speeds are not listed in the specifications for this drive, but previous Pioneer units have typically been rated at 12X CLV. The Ultra-SCSI interface remains unchanged over previous generation units, as does the lack of a digital audio-output. It appears as if Pioneer reserves the digital-out only for their slot-loading ATAPI models. The street price for this bare OEM model is about $150.

In areas of heat and noise, the 305S does okay. Subjectively, we found the full-rpm hum of our sample to be acceptable--pretty typical for a 40X CAV reader. Seeks, on the other hand, were not obtrusive at all. We did find, however, that the 305S became quite warm during stress tests. It took about 20 consecutive runs of CD Winbench 99's access time test to get the drive to its peak temperature, so we're not too concerned with the drive running overly hot under normal conditions. Finally, during DVD movie playback the drive was nearly silent and was barely warm to the touch.

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