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Battle of the Titans: Promise SuperTrak 100 vs. 3Ware Escalade 6400 PayPal Donations

Battle of the Titans: Promise SuperTrak 100 vs. 3Ware Escalade 6400
  February 14, 2001 Author: Terry Baranski  

Confused? The RAID Guide explains RAID 4!

The SuperTrak's RAID 4 Performance...

Ziff Davis WinBench 99 under Windows 2000 Professional using NTFS - RAID 4
Benchmark SuperTrack-100 w/ 3 Drives SuperTrack-100 w/ 4 Drives
Business Disk WinMark 99 (KB/sec) 4010 4048
High-End Disk WinMark 99 (KB/sec) 9468 9510
AVS/Express 3.4 (KB/sec) 11520 11640
FrontPage 98 (KB/sec) 55040 55580
MicroStation SE (KB/sec) 14880 14880
Photoshop 4.0 (KB/sec) 4180 4164
Premiere 4.2 (KB/sec) 6792 6906
Sound Forge 4.0 (KB/sec) 12340 12460
Visual C++ (KB/sec) 10104 10024
Disk/Read Transfer
Beginning (KB/sec) 19767 19767
End (KB/sec) 19800 19800
Disk Access Time (ms) 16.22 16.18
Disk CPU Utilization (%) 2.89 2.94

Although RAID 4 yields better results, they're still quite disappointing. The High-End Disk Winmark issue mentioned above was present, as evidenced by the low High-End scores. Thus, we cannot use the High-End scores to judge the SuperTrak's RAID 4 performance.

Once again, however, the Business Diskmark scores are likely representative - and they continue to disappoint. We expected much more out of this card.

WinBench Dilemna...

Considering the multitude of problems with the WinBench Disk Winmark scores presented here, one may wonder why we bothered publishing them at all. Fact is, we seriously considered omission. However, this likely would not have gone over too well with most readers; as a result, we decided to publish while explaining why we're absolutely sure that they're unrepresentative. We then fell back on IOMeter to deliver an accurate performance measurement.

At this point, it's impossible to know what caused WinBench to act so strangely. It may be an issue with the cards, with WinBench, or perhaps both. WinBench may have serious issues benchmarking RAID arrays (especially ones with parity), but we've heard no complaints of such problems in the past. It may very well be these controllers; however, it seems unlikely that both cards would have such a similar issue with WinBench. Whatever the issue, keep in mind that these problems were repeatable on two completely different systems.

 The SuperTrak's RAID 3 IOMeter Performance...


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