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Adaptec 29160 vs. Tekram DC-390U3W PayPal Donations

Adaptec 29160 vs. Tekram DC-390U3W
  May 7, 2001 Author: Terry Baranski  

The Adaptec 29160...

The Adaptec 29160 is one of several host adapters in Adaptec's Ultra160 SCSI line. Falling in the "Entry level to mid-range servers" class, the card features the following:

  • Single SCSI channel
  • Transfer rates up to 160MB/sec
  • 64-bit PCI (32-bit compatible)
  • Internal connectors: One 68-pin for LVD SCSI, one 68-pin for Ultra Wide SCSI, one 50-pin for Ultra SCSI
  • External connectors: One 68-pin for LVD SCSI
  • Up to 15 devices
  • SpeedFlex technology ensures top performance of all connected devices, regardless of SCSI generation
  • Win2000, WinNT, Win9x/ME, DOS, Win3.1, OS/2, Netware, SCO Openserver, SCO UnixWare, and Solaris support
  • 5-year materials and workmanship warranty
In addition to the card, the retail kit comes bundled with the following items:
  • Adaptec EZ-SCSI software
  • Driver disk
  • 5-position, 68-pin LVD internal cable with terminator
  • 3-position, 68-pin Ultra Wide SCSI internal cable
  • 3-position, 50-pin internal cable
  • Complete user documentation (user's guide, installation guide, EZ-SCSI guide)
The 29160 features Adaptec's SpeedFlex technology, allowing LVD (low-voltage differential) SCSI devices to operate at maximum speed even if there are SE (single-ended) devices on the same channel. Normally, a SCSI channel can only operate in SE or LVD mode - not both. This forces LVD devices to operate in SE mode when there is one or more SE device on the channel - certainly not desirable. With SpeedFlex, however, a single LVD channel is divided into two segments: an LVD segment and an SE segment. As long as all SE devices are attached to the SE segment, LVD devices on the LVD segment can operate at their maximum speed. (Note that LVD SCSI's limit of 15 devices per channel still applies here regardless of SpeedFlex. The 29160 is therefore limited to 15 devices.) Check out the reference guide for more information on the differences between SE and LVD signaling.

Also notable is the adapter's support for 64-bit PCI. Such support is standard for Ultra160 host adapters to allow for transfer rates of 160MB/sec due to the ~100MB/sec real-world bandwidth limit of 32-bit PCI.

 The Tekram DC-390U3W...


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