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Afreey DD-4012E - Specifications

  May 15, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  


Specifications according to Afreey's manual/website:

  • CD read speeds of 6000 KB/sec max (40X)
  • DVD read speeds of 16,200 KB/sec max (12X)
  • Digital audio extraction speeds not specified
  • 512 KB buffer
  • 90 ms average random access time
  • ATAPI interface (ATA-33)
For more information, click here to see Afreey's online product page.

The retail box contents:

  • The drive
  • InterVideo WinDVD 2000 CD
  • Analog audio cable
  • Four mounting screws
  • Installation floppy with DOS drivers
  • Multi-language drive manual
Like their 56X CD-ROM, Afreey does not package an IDE cable with the drive. The manual is of the foldout variety, with one side in English, the other in Chinese.

The rest of the drive's vitals: most noteworthy is the curvy tray fašade. This is the most unique-looking drive face we've ever seen. In addition, there are two LEDs - one a standard "busy" indicator, the 2nd lighting when a DVD disc is in the drive. This detail is useful; other manufacturers should follow suit. The rear of the drive houses both analog and digital audio outputs in addition to the standard 40-pin IDE connector, molex power connector and master/slave/cable select jumper block.

The drive arrived with firmware revision 12. No updates were available during testing. However, upon completion of the review and following the drive's return, Afreey informed us that a firmware revision 13 was released that addresses the DAE speed issue raised later in this article. We have not been able to verify the changes.

Noise levels are quite impressive...perhaps the quietest 40X we've ever heard. Noise remains low when reading from DVDs. Heat levels are also remarkable...extended stress testing leaves the drive barely warm to the touch. Overall, the drive does well in these two categories.

Current online pricing is about $60 according to Pricewatch.

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