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Afreey DD-4012E - DVD-ROM Performance Results

  May 15, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  

DVD-ROM Performance Results

Low-Level Measurements

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DVDSpeed99 measures sustained transfer rates and CPU utilization a 1X.

With a DVD Video, transfer rates measure out to 5X-11.3X CAV, approaching the drive's 12X rating. CPU usage at 1X is the lowest ever at 5%.

The Afreey achieves nearly identical results with a data DVD. The test disc's slightly larger size permits maximum transfer rates of over 11.5X at the outer edge. Again, CPU usage at 1X hovers at 5%.

Subjective Playback Observations

In watching portions of two movies (Twister and The Matrix), we found no quality issues during playback. Remember, DVD movies play at 1X, so just about any modern DVD-ROM drive will do a good job playing movies, provided it is installed in a system with decent CPU speeds (greater than 300 Mhz) and sufficient memory (at least 64 MB, preferably 128 MB). Systems with hardware-based DVD decoders can get away with slower CPU speeds. The video card and decoding hardware/software typically play a much greater role in playback performance than the drive itself.

DVD Video discs spin at full speed in DVD-ROM drives, with data being read intermittently off of the disc. Thus, 1X read speeds are maintained despite spindle RPMs consistent with maximum read speeds. As such, noise levels during movie playback tend to be higher on faster-rated drives. For this reason the Afreey tends to be a bit quieter than most 16X-rated DVD drives when watching movies.



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