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Yamaha CRW2200E - Specifications

  August 9, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  


Specifications according to Yamaha:

  • Maximum write speeds of 20X
  • Maximum rewrite speeds of 10X
  • Maximum packet-writing speeds of 10X
  • CD read speeds of 40X max
  • Digital audio extraction speeds of 40X max
  • 8192 KB buffer
  • 150 ms average random access time
  • ATAPI/ATA33 interface
  • SafeBurnTM Triple Error Protection
  • 1-year Warranty
Yamaha's buffer underrun protection technology is called SafeBurn - a "triple protection system." SafeBurn consists of a built-in buffer underrun protection technology that boasts "perfect linking" (meaning gap lengths of less than one micrometer); an 8MB buffer (most of today's drives offer no more than 2MB); and Optimum Write Speed Control (OWSC). OWSC examines the blank media in the drive and determines the best write speed for it. OWSC can be toggled on or off in Nero Burning ROM.

In addition, Yamaha keeps its Partial-CAV roots, bucking the Zone-CLV trend started by Sanyo and Ricoh. There are three major points to consider here. First, P-CAV writes avoid the coaster prevention "links" that Z-CLV creates between each zone. Second, P-CAV spends a greater percentage of its write process below 20X so average write speeds (18.5X) are slower than Ricoh's Z-CLV (19.5X). Third, P-CAV keeps spindle speeds much lower (5500 RPM max) than Z-CLV (8000 RPM max). These points can be studied in greater deal by reading this page on Yamaha's website.

For more information, click here to see Yamaha's CRW2200E product page.

The drive we received was a bare unit, so we cannot comment on retail box contents. Yamaha specifies the retail contents on their site, viewable by clicking here.

The Yamaha drive face features the company logo and maximum read and write speeds. There is a single small LED that flashes amber during writes, solid green during reads, and solid amber when no disc is in the drive. The eject button is large and easy to find in low visibility situations. The back of the drive includes a digital audio out in addition to standard optical drive connectors.

The drive arrived with firmware revision 1.0c. Prior to testing, we upgraded to the latest available revision, 1.0d.

One area where Yamaha's previous-generation burner was widely criticized was high noise levels. We are pleased to report that Yamaha has addressed the issue. The CRW2200E is significantly quieter than the CRW2100E in full-RPM operation. We put it about on par with direct competition from Ricoh and Plextor. In addition, the drive remains relatively cool even during extended stress tests.

Current online pricing is as low as $208 for the retail box. Our bare drive test unit from Hypermicro Systems goes for $179.

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