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Yamaha CRW2200E - Write/ReWrite Performance Results

  August 9, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  

Write/ReWrite Tests

Optimum Write Speed Control (OWSC) Tests

CD-R Media Performance
CD-R Media Dye Color OWSC - Enabled OWSC - Disabled
Attempted Write Speed Actual Write Speed Attempted Write Speed Actual Write Speed
Yamaha 20X Certified blue/green 20X 20X 20X 20X
Verbatim 16X Azo blue  20X 16X 20X 20X
TDK 12X green 20X 16X 20X 20X

A 620 MB burn was timed with three different types of media, with OWSC enabled and disabled in Nero. Yamaha's 20X Certified media successfully burns at 20X speeds (just under five minutes) with OWSC enabled and disabled. Verbatim's 16X Azo media burns at 20X speeds with OWSC enabled, but when it is disabled, write times reduce to 16X (five and a half minutes). Finally, TDK's 12X green dye media burns at 20X with OWSC disabled, and 16X when enabled.

All media was tested in CDSpeed99. As mentioned earlier, the Yamaha has intermittent trouble reading CD-Rs at the outer edge, unrelated to OWSC. Therefore, problems arise with spikes in the transfer rate graph on all media except Verbatim's 16X Azo. Both Verbatim discs read normally in the Yamaha, and all the discs read normally in two other optical drives. As a result, it appears that Yamaha's read issues are unrelated to OWSC quality; rather, the drive seems to prefer certain brands/dye colors more so than others. OWSC at least appears to work as advertised. However, since no quality issues arise when OWSC is off, it can be safely disabled as long as high-quality media is used.

CD-R Based Duplication

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Ahead Software's Nero Burning ROM measures how long each drive takes to duplicate audio and data test discs when burning at maximum speeds. All drives are tested as "source" and "destination," creating results for "imaging" as well as "writing."

With the audio disc, Yamaha's 20X P-CAV burn times complete in 4:39, 7% slower than Ricoh's 20X Zone-CLV and 6% faster than the Plextor's 16X CLV writes. Total duplication time is 9:10, the 2nd fastest measured to date.

With the data disc, the Yamaha takes 5:02 to complete the burn. This places it 12% behind the Ricoh and only 5% ahead of the Plextor. Total duplication time is 7:48, again good for 2nd, but nearly equaled by the 16X Plextor.

CD-RW Based Duplication

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Here the test drive duplicates the pressed data disk to CD-RW media at the drive's fastest rewrite speeds. At present, 10X is the maximum rewrite speed available- all drives in the comparison are 10X rewriters.

The Yamaha's rewrite speeds of 8:07 tie it with the Teac for last place in the comparison, less than 3% behind the Ricoh MP7200A. This is a significant improvement over the Yamaha 2100E, which provides only 8X CD-RW writes.

CD-R Based Stress Tests

During a burn process at the drive's maximum write speed, we first run CPU-intensive tasks to see how the drive is able to maintain its task under heavy-load conditions. Then, we hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the Close Program dialog box. This freezes the testbed mid-burn. When Nero indicates the drive buffer is empty, we hit Esc to cancel the dialog box and resume the burn.

No problems are reported in these tests. The burn process pauses when we freeze the system and resumes properly when we continue the burn. The burned data reads reliably from the disc.

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InCD Formatting

Ahead's InCD formats CD-RW media. The CRW2200E completes the task in 11:44 to take 2nd place in our comparison. Only the MP7200A formats faster.

InCD Packet-Writing Performance

Packet-write speeds are tested by timing the copy of a 195 MB folder from the hard disk to an InCD-formatted CD-RW via Windows Explorer. Here the Yamaha takes first place with write times of 2:32. This makes it the quickest packet-writer tested by a slim margin.

Interestingly, Yamaha still offers the 4X-10X CAV packet-writing speeds originated in the CRW2100E as an option. With the CRW2200E, 4X-10X CAV can be selected from InCD's option menu. When the same tests run in CAV mode, write times slow to 4:29.

Nero CD-RW Erasing

Nero's CD-RW eraser utility times how long the drive takes to return a formatted CD-RW to a blank state. The CRW2200E completes the task in 8:10 in a very tightly grouped race.



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