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Lite-On LTR-16101B - Specifications

  August 23, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  


Specifications according to Lite-On:

  • Maximum write speeds of 16X
  • Maximum rewrite speeds of 10X
  • Packet-writing speeds of 10X
  • CD read speeds of 40X
  • Digital audio extraction speeds not specified
  • Buffer size not specified but software reports 2048 KB
  • 120 ms average random access time
  • ATAPI/DMA Mode 2 interface
  • BURN-Proof
  • 1-year warranty
In addition, Lite-On reports support for over-burning and raw mode copying on their site. For more information, click here to see their online product page.

The retail box contents:

  • The drive
  • Fold out installation guide
  • Analog audio cable
  • Four mounting screws
  • Drive manual in .pdf format on installation CD
  • DOS driver on installation CD
  • Nero Burning ROM, InCD and Media Player
  • 1 Lite-On 650 MB CD-R blank
  • 1 Lite-On 650 MB CD-RW blank

Finally, the rest of the drive's vitals: The front face is generic with the exception of a printed "BURN-Proof 16x10x40x" on the right and a sticker on the left showing Lite-On's website address. The single LED shows green when reading and amber when writing. The light remains off when there is no disc in the drive or when there is a disc inside that's not being accessed. The rear of the drive includes a digital audio out in addition to standard optical drive connectors.

The drive arrived with firmware revision TS0L. Lite-On sent us the latest version (TS0T) prior to testing. This firmware revision recently became available on Lite-On's website. It may be downloaded here.

The LTR-16101B offers very quiet performance during both reads and writes. Unfortunately, the drive heats up quite a bit during extended use. While this doesn't adversely affect performance, those who strive to keep internal case temperatures at a minimum should keep it in mind.

Current online pricing is as low as $90 for the retail unit. In comparison, Teac's 16X retail box goes for $120 while Plextor's 16X retail unit sells for about $160. This prices the Lite-On well below the competition, threatening AOpen's bang-for-the-buck reputation.

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