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Lite-On LTR-16101B - Write/ReWrite Performance Results

  August 23, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  

Write/ReWrite Tests

CD-R Based Duplication

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Ahead Software's Nero Burning ROM measures how long a drive takes to duplicate audio and data test discs when burning at maximum speeds. All drives are tested as "source" and "destination," creating results for "imaging" as well as "writing."

With the audio CD, the LTR-16101B completes the burn in 5:12, tying Teac's CD-W516EB. Write speeds trail other 16X burners by a slim margin. Because its image times are better than the Teac's, Lite-On's drive manages to edge out the CD-W516EB in total duplication times.

The trend continues with the data CD: The Lite-On is a bit swifter than Teac's drive during the image portion, while trailing the Teac slightly in burn times. The end result is a slim advantage for the Lite-On in total duplication times over the Teac. The Plextor continues to lead 16X burners.

CD-RW Based Duplication

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Here the test drive duplicates the pressed data disk to CD-RW media at the drive's fastest rewrite speeds. At present, 10X is the fastest rewrite speed available- all drives in the comparison are 10X rewriters.

Lite-On's unit leads the pace at imaging, but comes in last place by a slim margin during the burn process with 10X burn times of 8:11. Total duplication times trail the Ricoh by 7 seconds - another statistical dead heat. As expected, today's 10X rewriters perform very similarly.

CD-R Based Stress Tests

During a burn process at the drive's maximum write speed, we first run CPU-intensive tasks to see how the drive is able to maintain its task under heavy-load conditions. Then, we hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the Close Program dialog box. This freezes the testbed mid-burn. When Nero indicates the drive buffer is empty, we hit Esc to cancel the dialog box and resume the burn.

No problems arise with the Lite-On. The burn process pauses and resumes as expected and the resulting burned data is fully readable.

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InCD Formatting

Ahead's InCD formats CD-RW media.

While the other drives all format CD-RW media in 11-13 minutes, Lite-On's unit takes over 16 minutes to complete the same task. The additional time appears to take place during the verification process, indicating reduced read speeds during this period.

InCD Packet-Writing Performance

Timing how long it takes to copy a 195 MB folder from the hard drive to a freshly formatted CD-RW via Windows Explorer tests each drive's packet-writing abilities.

Again, all drives perform nearly identically with the Lite-On trailing the competition by an insignificant margin with copy times of 2:39.

Nero CD-RW Erasing

Finally, Nero's CD-RW eraser utility measures how long it takes to return a formatted CD-RW to a blank state.

All drives complete a full erase in roughly the same amount of time. The Lite-On's time of 8:14 places it 4th in a tightly-grouped comparison.



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