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Plextor PX-W2410TA - Write/ReWrite Performance Results

  August 27, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  

Write/ReWrite Tests

CD-R Based Duplication

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Note: We used Memorex 24X Certified media for all formal write tests.

Ahead Software's Nero Burning ROM measures how long each tested drive takes to duplicate audio and data test discs when burning at maximum speeds. All drives are tested as "source" and "destination," creating results for "imaging" as well as "writing."

With our audio disc, the PX-W2410TA completes the burn portion in 3:56 - 9% quicker than the 20X Ricoh and 21% faster than the 16X Plextor.

We see similar results with the data CD: the 24X Plextor is 4% faster than the Ricoh MP7200A while staying 19% ahead of the 16X Plextor. Its data CD burn time of 4:16 is the fastest yet seen by SR.

PoweRec-II Tests

PoweRec-II differs a bit from other manufacturers' optimum write speed control implementations in that the end-user cannot toggle it on or off. 20X drives from Yamaha and Ricoh, for example, have a checkbox in Nero's "Choose Recorder" page that allows one to take their chances burning at maximum speeds regardless of media quality.

To get an idea of how PoweRec-II works, we repeated our data CD burn test with various brands and speeds of media. Note that the slowest-rated media we could find for sale was 16X. Results may vary with other brands/speeds of media.

PowerRec-II Performance
CD-R Media Write Time
Imation 16X 4:14
Sony 16X 4:14
Memorex 16X 4:15
Memorex 24X 4:16
TDK 16X Certified Plus 4:17
Yamaha 20X 4:40

With the exception of the Yamaha 20X Certified, all media writes at 24X speeds with burn times in the neighborhood of 4:15. Apparently with the Yamaha media, PoweRec-II keeps the drive burning at 20X when the final zone is reached. The end result is a slightly longer burn time of 4:40 - 25 seconds slower than 24X writes. This suggests that today's name brand media are manufactured at levels high enough to maintain quality writes at such speeds. It also suggests that PoweRec-II may do an excellent job of maintaining high quality writes at the highest speeds.

CD-RW Based Duplication

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Here the pressed data disk is duplicated to CD-RW media at the drive's fastest rewrite speeds. At present, 10X is the quickest rewrite speed available, and all drives in the comparison are 10X rewriters.

The 24X Plextor pulls up the rear in the burn portion of this test with an average time of 8:15. This trails the Ricoh MP7200A by 4% in a tightly grouped race.

CD-R Based Stress Tests

During a burn process at the drive's maximum write speed, we first run CPU-intensive tasks to see how the drive is able to maintain its task under heavy-load conditions. Then, we hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the Close Program dialog box. This freezes the testbed mid-burn. When Nero indicates the drive buffer is empty, we hit Esc to cancel the dialog box and resume the burn.

The PX-W2410TA passes the test with flying colors. The burn process can be paused indefinitely; when un-paused, the burn resumes where it left off. We paused a 619 MB burn various times for various lengths of time, finally allowing it to complete. The burned disc was fully readable with all data intact.

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InCD Formatting

Ahead's InCD formats CD-RW media.

The PX-W2410TA takes 12:40 to format our test CD-RW for packet-writing duties. This ties Plextor's previous burner but trails the Ricoh by 10%.

InCD Packet-Writing Performance

Packet-write speeds are determined by timing the copy of a 195 MB folder from the hard disk to an InCD-formatted CD-RW via Windows Explorer.

Once again, the PX-W2410TA virtually ties its predecessor. Its copy time of 2:38 is less than a second quicker than the PX-W1610TA and trails the Yamaha by only 3%. We again find that all 10X packet-writers perform nearly identically.

Nero CD-RW Erasing

Finally, Nero's CD-RW eraser utility times how long it takes to return a formatted CD-RW to a blank state.

The PX-W2410TA's full erase time of 8:14 is less than 1 second quicker than the 16X Plextor. It trails the Ricoh by only 2% in another tightly-grouped race.



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