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Plextor PX-W2410TA - Conclusion

  August 27, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  


Plextor's PX-W2410TA brings a host imposing specs to the table, including 24X writes, BURN-Proof, an expanded buffer size, and Plextor's own optimum write speed control called PoweRec-II. Our tests show very impressive performance in most categories, with relatively few weak areas.

In summary, the drive's positive aspects are:

  • 4 MB buffer is double the size of most competitors' drives
  • BURN-Proof eliminates buffer underrun errors
  • PoweRec-II maintains maximum write speed and quality
  • Quiet operation
  • Built-in cooling fan helps keep drive temps low
  • Read consistency with pressed CDs is improved over previous model
  • Highest DAE speeds available
  • Excellent CD-DA playback error correction
  • 24X writes are the fastest SR has tested

Minuses include:

  • Priced higher than competition
  • Audio cable not included
  • Slow access times compared to competition
  • DAE quality, while still excellent, is a bit below the standard set by the PX-W1610TA
  • Rewrite and Packet-Write performance is slightly slower than the competition
Overall, the PX-W2410TA sets new standards for a CD-RW in write performance. While audiophiles and hardware enthusiasts may look down upon the minor DAE issues we uncovered, the drive's extraction quality is still excellent with all but the most beat up discs. Even when quality is measurably lower, the drive's excellent error correction easily masks any playback anomalies.

The Safe Buy Award

Simply put, this designation means we'd purchase this product without regret. Sure, there may be a slightly better, slightly faster, and/or slightly less-expensive model from a competitor, but you can't go wrong with this particular unit. This award is applicable, of course, to all units at the top of their class, but also applies to units that, though not quite best-of-class, provide a strong showing nonetheless. What may influence buying decisions more is the drive's relatively high price tag. While it's true that the retail package offers more than most other competitors' offerings, budget-minded users as well as those in search of a "quick and basic" burner might be more tempted by low-priced alternatives from Ricoh, Lite-On or Yamaha. However, for those looking for high quality and are willing to pay for it, the Plextor will not disappoint.


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