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Lite-On LTR-24102B - Specifications

  October 24, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  


Specifications according to Lite-On:

  • Maximum write speeds of 24X Zone-CLV
  • Maximum rewrite speeds of 10X CLV
  • Packet-writing speeds of 10X CLV
  • CD read speeds of 40X CAV
  • Digital audio extraction speeds not specified beyond "high speed"
  • 2048 KB buffer
  • 120 ms average random access time
  • ATAPI/ATA-33 interface
  • SMART-Burn technology
  • Warranty length not specified
As mentioned in the introduction, for this generation of CD-RW, Lite-On opts for their own buffer underrun prevention technology. SMART-Burn functions much the same way as BURN-Proof and Ricoh's JustLink when encountering buffer underrun situations. In addition, it optimizes write speeds according to media quality. It also likely brings costs down a bit since it's developed in-house. Interestingly, Nero detects SMART-Burn as BURN-Proof. When asked, Lite-On did not respond to questions on this matter.

For more information, click here to see Lite-On's product page.

The retail contents include:

  • The drive
  • Nero Burning ROM and InCD
  • DOS driver and generic user's manual on install CD
  • Lite-On 700 MB CD-R blank
  • Lite-On 650 MB high speed CD-RW blank
  • Foldout "Quick Installation" poster
  • Analog audio cable
  • Four mounting screws
Missing is an IDE cable and model-specific manual. The .pdf manual included on the CD is Lite-On's generic version used for all of their current CD-RWs.

Like the rest of Lite-On's optical line, the LTR-24102B's faceplate is generic in nature. The only additions are a printed "24X10X40X" on the right and a sticker on the left depicting their website address. The rear of the drive is typical of most modern ATAPI optical drives and includes a digital audio output.

The drive arrived with firmware revision 5S01. We updated to 5S07 prior to testing. A new revision, 5S0D, was released during write-up. Tests with the new firmware reveal no noticeably different benchmark results.

The Lite-On's noise levels are pretty low for a 40X max reader...about on par with Plextor and Teac's latest CD-RWs.

Current online pricing is as low as $95, anchoring the lowest end of the price spectrum for 24X burners. Only AOpen and Acer's retail 24/10/40 units come close to the LTR-24102B's rock bottom pricing.

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