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Lite-On LTR-24102B - Write/ReWrite Performance Results

  October 24, 2001 Author: Tim Zakharov  

Write/ReWrite Tests

CD-R Based Duplication

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Ahead Software's Nero Burning ROM measures the time each tested drive takes to duplicate audio and data test discs when burning at maximum speeds. All drives are tested as "source" and "destination," delivering results for "imaging" as well as "writing."

When duplicating audio CDs, the Lite-On is slowest to image, but trails only the PX-W2410TA in write speeds. The relatively slow image times can be attributed to low initial DAE rates as shown in trials earlier in this article. The LTR-24102B's write time of 4:02 is an insignificant 3% slower than the swiftest SR has ever tested. Because of the 20X Ricoh's advantage in image speeds (DAE), the MP7200A ends up sliding by the Lite-On for 2nd place in overall duplication times.

With the data CD, Lite-On again trails slightly in image times. However, the LTR-24102B actually surpasses the Plextor in the burn portion of this test, 4:12 to the PX-W2410TA's 4:16. However, the PX-W2410TA edges past the Lite-On in total duplication times due to its advantage in image (read) speeds.

SMART-Burn Write Speed Control Tests

Like nearly all optical drive manufacturers, Lite-On implements optimum write speed control technology in their latest offerings. Lite-On calls theirs SMART-Burn. How does it work? When a CD-R blank is inserted, the drive goes through various algorithms to determine the disc's maximum safe write speed; among them, using the OPC (Optimum Power Calibration) area on each CD-R blank to fine-tune the writing laser's signal strength.

We tested this technology by attempting identical burns at 24X with various brands and speeds of media.

CD-Check Performance
Media Time to Complete 619 MB Burn
Yamaha 20X 4:09
Verbatim 24X 4:09
Taiyo Yuden 24X 4:10
TDK 16X 4:10
Sony 16X 4:10
Imation 16X 4:10
Memorex 16X 4:37

With the exception of Memorex 16X, all brands and speeds of CD-R media write at 24X speeds without issue. The Memorex media is limited to 20X speeds in the LTR-24102B. In short, this means that most of today's CD-R media should have no problems writing at top speeds on the Lite-On.

CD-RW Based Duplication

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Here the pressed data disk is duplicated to CD-RW media at the drive's fastest rewrite speeds. At this time, 10X is the quickest rewrite speed available; all drives in the comparison are 10X rewriters.

Image results are identical to the CD-R based data duplication tests. However, 10X rewrites place the Lite-On's 8:10 burn time near the bottom of the pack, albeit by slim margins. All the drives perform within 4% of one another in a tightly grouped race.

CD-R Based Stress Tests

Running CPU-intensive tasks during a burn process at the drive's maximum write speed helps assess the unit's ability to maintain its task under heavy-load conditions. Afterwards, hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the Close Program dialog box freezes the testbed mid-burn. When Nero indicates the drive buffer is empty, hitting Esc cancels the dialog box and resumes the burn.

Lite-On's implementation of SMART-Burn performs as advertised: writes paused multiple times for various durations still complete successfully. The written data is fully readable.

InCD Formatting

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Ahead's InCD formats CD-RW media.

The Lite-On LTR-24102B is by far the slowest of the group in formatting CD-RWs. Its average time of 14:11 is 19% slower than category-leading Ricoh's 11:27.

InCD Packet-Writing Performance

Timing the copy of a 195 MB folder from the hard disk to an InCD-formatted CD-RW via Windows Explorer tests packet-write speeds.

Lite-On's latest completes the copy in 2:37, just a few seconds behind the leader. All drives in the comparison perform within 3% of one another.

Nero CD-RW Erasing

Finally, Nero's CD-RW eraser utility times how long it takes to return a formatted CD-RW to a blank state.

Once again, all drives perform nearly identically. The LTR-24102B's time of 8:14 is in the middle of the pack.



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