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Maxtor DiamondMax 2880 90432D3

  May 17, 1998 Author: Eugene Ra  
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The Storage Review has taken two previous looks at Maxtorís current DiamondMax 2880 series, a proven top ATA performer. CompUSA has recently started selling the 4.3GB 2880, model 90432D3, in their own "CompUSA by Maxtor" packaging. The box is very similar to a regular Maxtor retail package, featuring a red-gray rather than straight-gray motif. The "Kit" designation number is K0690430D. Donít let Maxtorís packaging numbers confuse you though- This is a DiamondMax 2880, with 2.9 gigs on one platter and 1.4 on a single side of another. Thereís not much to say that hasnít already been beaten to death in the previous two reviews: the drive performs as expected (very well), fairly quiet and quite cool to the touch. The big novelty here is the price; on and off these days, CompUSA is featuring the drive for $179 before a $50 mail-in rebate. A veritable steal at this price! Call our webmaster, Davin, a thief. He jumped on the opportunity to supplement his IBM Deskstar 5 with this speedy, inexpensive drive.

ZDBop's Winbench 98 along with Adaptec's Threadmark 2.0 were both run on the unit in Windows 95 OSR 2.1 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0. The drive was partitioned into a single volume of maximum size. The average of 5 trials is presented below.

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Maxtor DiamondMax 2880 90432D3
Estimated Price: $179
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* Note: All reported test results are the average of five trials.


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