by Adam Armstrong

Asigra Announces Converged Data Protection Appliance Family

Today at Asigra Global Partner Summit in Toronto, Asigra Inc. announced its new Converged Data Protection Appliance Family. This new family of products was developed to enable managed service providers (MSP)/cloud service providers to enter the cloud backup market with cloud backup/DR services to achieve monthly recurring revenue streams. Asigra is partnering with Avnet Embedded; Avnet will be packaging and shipping the new Asigra products, as well as providing hardware support.

Asigra is predominantly known as a software company. Their main product is Cloud backup and recovery. While they have release physical products in the past (the Cisco-based Cloud Backup Connector), this marks the first time to our knowledge that they have thrown their hat in the ring of storage. This new appliance family is an integration of Asigra’s existing software with commodity hardware. Asigra Converged Data Protection appliances are plug-and-play making deployment easy. The main goal of Asigra’s new family line is to contain costs, reduce management overhead, and remove the barriers to growth for service providers and MSPs.

The Asigra Converged Data Protection Appliance family provides Asigra’s end-to-end data protection for SMB and enterprise environments all the while being easy to deploy, manage, and thus lowering the total cost of ownership. Asigra is offering a multi-tenant agentless solution available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS environments. Also included is a cloud license server for easy provisioning of licenses, billing module to support multiple currencies, LAN storage discovery tool, and Web-based management console for single pane of glass management.

The new family of appliances is based off of Supermicro chassis, run FreeBSD and ZFS, and come in three form factors. The Model 1800 is a 1U appliance with up to 9.6TB of “billable” capacity. The Model 3600 is a 2U appliance with up to 32TB of billable capacity. And the Model 5400 is a 4U appliance with up to 96TB of billable space. The 4U appliance comes with the Intel ES-2630V3, 16GB DDR4-2133 2Rx4 ECC Reg DIMM, SMC SATA3 DOM 64GB MLC, Ent SATA 4TB 7200 RPM w/128MB Cache 4K Native, Std LP 8 Internal Ports (128GB/s) Gen-3 1024HDD, and FreeBSD 10.1 Operating System with ZFS File System.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Support for all cloud deployment models, including public, hybrid and private
  • Maximum security, flexibility, manageability and affordability
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 certified and AES 256 data encryption at rest and in flight
  • Protection of all customer data to a single scalable repository – regardless of data source location
  • Software and hardware platform agnostic to avoid compatibility issues
  • Integrated VM replication and mobile endpoint geo-location/remote wipe capabilities
  • Reductions in backup vault integration time from months and weeks to days
  • Faster time to market with auto-configuration and deployment
  • Telco-level scalability
  • Unified management for ease of administration
  • Redundant architecture for high availability
  • Full Asigra support including a three-year hardware warranty


The Asigra Converged Data Protection Appliance Family is expected to be generally available in August of 2015.

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