by Adam Armstrong

Atos Launches BullSequana Edge

Today at Atos Technology Days, Atos launched what it calls the world’s highest performing edge computing server, the BullSequana Edge. The BullSequana brings all of its performance to manage data on the edge, specifically to securely manage IoT. The new server is aimed at industries such as manufacturing 4.0, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and retail/airport security.

IoT devices and the data they generate at the edge are exploding. Companies are struggling to manage this data in a way to make actionable insights. Atos is lending a hand to this struggle with its embedded BullSequana Edge server. The server is said to securely manage and process data generated by IoT devices at the edge where it is generated. The server leverages AI to gain “instant” insights that can be acted upon. The BullSequana Edge can overcome issues such as networking costs and connectivity, while also securing data where it is generated. 

Key benefits: 

  • Optimum security and privacy: both the data and the physical server are protected by an advanced chain of security measures. 
  • Immediate responsiveness: data analysis in real-time.
  • Autonomy: reduced dependence on cloud and datacenter availability and connectivity, ensures that apps are not disrupted in case of limited or intermittent network connectivity. The BullSequana Edge can communicate via radio, GSM or Wi-Fi. 
  • Interactivity: both multi-source and multi-format data can be analyzed in real-time.
  • Cost-effective: reduced datacenter infrastructure and networking costs.

The BullSequana Edge already supports 3 main categories of use cases: 

  • AI: Atos Edge Computer Vision – this provides advanced extraction and analysis of ‘features’ (people, faces, emotions, behaviors) so that automatic actions are able to be carried out, based on this analysis. It enables a large set of intelligent cameras, for example in video surveillance, to collaborate holistically in real-time, enabling operations to be tracked without interruption. 
  • Big Data: Atos Edge Data Analytics – this enables organizations to improve their business models with predictive and prescriptive solutions. It hinges upon edge data lake capabilities to make data trustworthy and useable. 
  • Container: Atos Edge Data Container (EDC) – this all-in-one container solution is ready to run at the edge and serves as a decentralized IT system (from one individual rack up to a complete containerized data center). It can run autonomously in non-data center environments with no need for local on-site operation. 


The BullSequana Edge is available now.

Atos BullSequana

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