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ATTO Introduces Its New FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller

ATTO Technology Inc. has introduced its new FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller. The FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller is an accelerated storage platform, adding enterprise-level Fibre Channel SAN connectivity to SAS JBOD storage, creating a modular solution that forms an ideal platform for building out a virtualized, software defined data center.


The FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller is a standalone device that requires no operating system, drivers, or peripherals. Supporting OEMs and the leading industry storage arrays, the FibreBridge 7500 allows users to build their own high performance capacity, flash, or hybrid storage, supporting up to 240 drives. The device's key feature is the addition of enterprise Fibre Channel SAN capabilities to SAS storage. Taking features like automation, provisioning, and compression to a software layer, allows the storage controller to drop these CPU-intensive services increasing overall performance. The FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller gives IT a flexible system for architecting their data center, with low latency, high capacity, and high performance.

FibreBridge 7500 specifications:

  • Two 16Gb/s Fibre Channel ports by four x4 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD connectors
  • Auto negotiates to 16Gb, 8Gb or 4Gb Fibre Channel
  • Includes two optical 16Gb/s LC SFP+ modules
  • Built-in PCIe analyzer
  • 7500-DPS#sthash.7ZH1AeK2.dpuf
  • Supports SAS and SATA HDDs and SSDs
  • Supports up to 240 drives
  • Backward compatible with all previous SAS and SATA protocols
  • 2-year warranty

FibreBridge 7500 key benefits:

  • Less than 4 microseconds of latency transfers between storage and server platforms.
  • Allows data mobility and redundancy via multisite cluster installations up to 100 kilometers apart.
  • Enables IT architects to assemble tiered high-speed SSD and high-capacity HDD solutions that aggregate up to 1.4PB of storage.
  • Up to 3200MB/s sustained transfer rate
  • Up to 735,000 4K IOPS, 1,000,000 512b IOPS
  • 1us latency total during a read/write cycle


The FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller can be ordered from a distributer through ATTO's site.

FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller Page

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