by Adam Armstrong

Avago Announces Two New 12Gb/s Syncro High-Availability Storage Solutions

Today Avago Technologies announced two new additions to its family of high-availability (HA) shared storage solutions, the Syncro 9380-8e and the Syncro 9361-8i. Both of the new devices are now available with 12Gb/s SAS technology deliver twice the performance of previous generations.

Built on Avago MegaRAID technology, Syncro solutions are aimed at providing small to medium businesses, remote offices, and data centers the advanced high-availability features of a SAN but with the cost-effectiveness and ease of management of Direct-attached storage. The solutions use two controller cards that allow system administrators to build HA shared storage solution as we saw in our EchoStreams DuraStreams DSS320 with LSI Syncro CS review.

The new Syncro solutions are offered in two deployment models:

  • Syncro 9380-8e: A kit that contains two Syncro controllers to create shared storage clustering for two volume server nodes and a JBOD. This enterprise-level storage medium allows each Syncro controller to measure and monitor each other and maintain data uptime in the event of a server system failure.
  • Syncro 9361-8i: A self-contained Cluster-in-a-Box that delivers on data center cost requirements by providing multiple server nodes in a single, reduced form factor chassis. Enables OEMs and system builders to offer full-featured Syncro solutions and deliver high availability that is simple to deploy in a single unit.

The software front-end and toolset for failover clustering and storage management capabilities are provided through Windows Server 2012 R2.


The Syncro 9380-8e and the Syncro 9361-8i are now available. Storage OEMs, will provide their customers with HA options that include Windows Server 2012 R2 and Avago Syncro.

Avago’s Shared Storage Solution Page

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