by Adam Armstrong

Avere Announces Entry-Level FXT Edge Filer

Today Avere Systems introduced the latest in its FXT 5000 Edge Filer series product line, the FXT 5200. The FXT 5200 is an entry-level solution that will deliver all of the functionality support of the rest of the 5000 series at a lower price point. The FXT 5200 is aimed at customer with lower performance workloads. It also has a smaller footprint and 50% more storage than the preceding model taking up only 1U of space.

Avere FXT Edge Filers create cloud gateways into object storage and support remote office collaboration through WAN caching for centralized data access. The enrty-level FXT 5200 rounds out the 5000 series (of which the 5400 and 5600 models were announced earlier this year). Avere claims that they can now provide customers such as media and entertainment, financial services and life sciences with several versions of the “most powerful hybrid cloud storage products on the market today.”

Key features include:

  • Increased Capacity and Higher Density. The FXT 5200 model includes 7.2TB SAS HDD per node, delivering 50% more capacity than the existing 3200 model, and occupies half the space––only one rack unit (RU) per node––addressing the growing pain point of data center sprawl and lowering total cost of ownership.
  • File System for Public and Private Object Storage. The new model creates a cloud storage gateway, providing NAS functionality in front of object storage and allowing users to access data using standard protocols.
  • WAN Caching for Remote Offices. The FXT 5200 enables improved remote office collaboration by offering WAN caching to create centralized data access to users in satellite offices.

Availability and pricing

The FXT 5200 is available now and starts at $75,500. 

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