by Lyle Smith

Avere Bring its Virtual FXT Edge Filers to Microsoft Azure

Avere Systems has announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft, which will bring its Virtual FXT Edge filers to Microsoft Azure. Customers will now be able to deploy and scale cloud compute on-demand all the while leveraging on-premises storage resources. Avere indicates that this will make NAS data accessible to the Azure without having to endure latency or requiring the data be moved into the cloud. Previously, Avere expanded offerings for Google Cloud Platform and introduced CloudFusion for AWS back in October of this year.

Avere’s virtual NAS solution is designed for easy installation and management and offers users with multi-protocol file access, such as NFS and SMB, as well as clusters to provide high availability, scalable performance and capacity. Avere adds that enterprises will be able to deploy thousands of Azure HPC instances on-demand within minutes, while crunching data via low latency and no data migration. As such, businesses will be able to easily take advantage of hyper-converged infrastructure without a massive budget.

Avere believes that organizations will be able to gain a significant business advantage when they leverage this flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform into their own IT infrastructure.

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