by Adam Armstrong

Avere Introduces Its Biggest FXT Edge Filer Yet

Today Avere Systems released its biggest FXT Edge Filer to date, the FXT 5850. The company states that its latest, and largest, FXT Edge Filer is aimed to speed time to market, produce higher quality output and modernize the IT infrastructure with both cloud and advanced networking technologies. The FXT 5850 has been designed specifically for high data-growth industries.

As we have previously stated, Avere FXT Edge Filers create cloud gateways into object storage and support remote office collaboration through WAN caching for centralized data access. The FXT 5850 is aimed at the really large markets such as simulating financial trading algorithms at hedge funds, analyzing large genomic sequence files in cancer research, or rendering high resolution visual effects in movies.

Major enhancements include:

  • More than double the performance with improvement from 4GB/s to 9GB/s aggregate read throughput
  • Double the capacity with twice as much DRAM and SSD as previous generations of the FXT
  • Two and a half times higher network bandwidth with an increase from four 10GbE ports to four 25GbE ports


The Avere FXT 5850 is available now. 

Avere main site

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