by Adam Armstrong

Avere Unveils Cloud-Core NAS (C2N) System

Today Avere Systems announced its new Cloud-Core NAS (C2N) System. This system is what Avere is calling the only storage solution to combine the simplicity of NAS and the efficiency of object storage to deliver cloud-enabled infrastructure to the enterprise. The C2N system helps companies follow the trend of moving their storage environments to the cloud. As an object storage solution, the C2N also starts off smaller at 120TB and scales to 5PB, enabling businesses to start small and scale as needed.

More and more enterprises are either moving to the cloud or are planning on moving to the cloud. Moving to the cloud does have some complications that companies may not be ready for that can lead to security concerns. Avere is set to address both the complications and the concerns of moving to the cloud with C2N. C2N will act as a cost-effective and manageable first step to cloud migration. C2N takes the existing NAS and integrates it with the private and public cloud and allows the companies to manage this new heterogeneous infrastructure as a single, logical pool of storage. Avere states that the C2N system is ideal for media and entertainment, life sciences, financial services, technology and other high data-growth industries.

Avere C2N System contains a purpose-built file system designed for object storage and the ability to easily fit into existing environments, however, Avere states that it will deliver the simplicity and performance of a NAS. The C2N leverages Avere FXT Edge filer technology to provide an internal all-flash performance tier to each system, this allows C2N to scale in performance where needed. The object-based storage technology C2N uses also allows it to scale capacity as needed. Speaking of capacity, C2N starts at 120TB and scales in 75TB increments up to 5PB of usable capacity.

Availability and pricing

The Avere C2N System is availble now in North America with wider availability expected in the next 90 days. List price for model CX200 starts at $99,500.

Avere C2N System

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