by Lyle Smith

AVG LiveKive Public Cloud Service To Be Shut Down This Year

​AVG, primarily known for its family of anti-virus and Internet security software solutions, has announced that it will be shutting down its free Cloud storage service this year, AVG LiveKive. AVG has stated that it will continue to allow users to upload files until the end of March of this year; however, starting in April, no new content can be uploaded. Users will still be able to download all of their files for 90 days after April 1st, so it is very important that current customers to back up everything they need within that allotted time. On August 18th, 2014, all files on LiveKive accounts will be deleted and thus users will not be able to access any files saved on their account. AVG stresses that The shutdown of AVG LiveKive will not affect any other AVG products or services.

This closure follows Nirvanix’s and IBM Smart Cloud's departure from the enterprise cloud service and clearly highlights the risks of public cloud storage. Besides the risks of shared access, ownership, and virtual exploits that sometime accompany public cloud services, this news demonstrates that the safety of your virtual data--stored outside your local computer--is not always certainty. Quality and redundancy to secure your data should always be a priority, whether it's for personal use or for a business.

For consumers, the value of a NAS cannot be emphasized enough, as it allows for secure remote access to files and has all the sharing and smartphone apps users need; however, it’s not free. If you're content to use an online service, be sure it's reputable and has a good track record (ie Mozy, Drop Box, Google Drive, etc). On the enterprise side, a private cloud (internally managed) coupled with software such as Syncplicity from EMC or Copy from Barracuda, is an invaluable resource. Both apps provide security and policy management but still give employees a consumer-app feel to access their data.

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