by Adam Armstrong

Axcient Releases Fusion 1.5

At VMorld 2016 in Las Vegas, Axcient announced the latest version of its cloud-converged IT resilience platform, Fusion 1.5. The latest version features new cloud orchestration and workflow automation capabilities that are aimed at simplifying and automating continuity and availability for critical services. The Axcient Fusion IT resilience platform was first announced in June.

Axcient Fusion has been designed to go beyond disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), to provide what Axcient is claiming to be complete IT resilience and agility from the cloud. Axcient has put much work into developing Fusion, over 287,000 hours and 23 patents. All of the work put into Fusion created what the company is claiming to be a powerful way to rapidly respond to outages, incidents and security breaches — to the point of making resilience a proactive, rather than a reactive pursuit. Fusion aims to deliver the above all the while lowering costs and reducing infrastructure burden of IT, allowing them to do more at a lower cost.

A big part on reducing the burden on IT is through the new cloud orchestration and automation features. These features enable businesses to recover quickly from disasters or outages through pre-written workflows to automate all aspects of the recovery process. These pre-written workflows cover all aspects from network settings to the order in which applications are recovered in the cloud.

New features include:

  • Single-click file and folder recovery
  • Improved user experience with simplified protection and recovery workflows
  • Increased replication performance with recovery point objectives (RPOs) of minutes


The latest version of Axcient Fusion is available now.

Axceint Fusion

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