by Adam Armstrong

Axcient Unveils Direct To Cloud RaaS For Laptops & Desktops

Axcient announced that it is extending its Recovery as a Service (RaaS) to laptops and desktops through its new offering, Direct To Cloud. This new offering allows organizations to replicate their entire physical and virtual servers to the cloud without a local appliance.

Axcient is a California based company that specializes in cloud RaaS. Their flagship product is the Business Recovery Cloud. Axcient uses the cloud to replace legacy backup, server replication, disaster recovery and archiving products and, in their words, ensures that IT infrastructures never go down.

Axcient's Business Recovery Cloud works by mirroring an entire IT infrastructure, through full system snapshots, to the cloud to ensure that core business functions remain running uninterrupted, applications stay available, and data is accessible when it is needed. The latest updates now include laptops and desktops, which also include workstations. Direct To Cloud can consolidate all backup and recovery solutions. Customers can launch a virtual replica of their files if the primary system is unavailable and they can use the full system snapshots to migrate their files to new hardware and virtual environments in the future.

Features include:

  • Appliance-less, eliminating the need to deploy a local appliance.
  • Available as a software download – once installed on laptops, servers or workstations, it establishes a secure encrypted connection to the Axcient Business Recovery Cloud.
  • Configurable replication interval, retention, and bandwidth consumption
  • Manage-by-exception health thresholds and notifications that speed up device management and troubleshooting
  • Point-in-time recovery for data recovery, system failover, and image restoration giving businesses true business continuity
  • Same web-based interface that customers use to manage server protection with Axcient, allowing a single interface for protection and recovery of all devices across an entire enterprise
  • Unlimited storage, compute and bandwidth


Direct To Cloud is generally available today.

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