by Lyle Smith

Azure Synapse Analytics Announced

Azure has announced Azure Synapse Analytics, which is described as a limitless analytics service that combines enterprise data warehousing with Big Data analytics to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data for immediate BI and machine learning needs. With it, organizations can query data on their own terms at scale via serverless on-demand or provisioned resources.  Organizations will be able to make their data work more quickly, productively, and securely, with the ability to gain insights from all data sources, data warehouses, and big data analytics systems. Azure adds that their partners will continue to collaborate with them on Azure Synapse, including Databricks, Informatica, Accenture, Talend, Attunity, Pragmatic Works, and Adatis.  


With Azure Synapse, data professionals can query both relational and nonrelational data at petabyte-scale using the familiar SQL language. For mission-critical workloads, they can easily optimize the performance of all queries with intelligent workload management, workload isolation, and limitless concurrency.

Azure Synapse is integrated with Power BI and Azure Machine Learning, which will improve insights from all types of data and apply machine learning models to all intelligent apps. Moreover, it will reduce project development time for BI and machine learning projects considerably due to its limitless analytics service. Azure says that this will allow organizations to seamlessly apply intelligence over important data and easily share data.  

Azure Synapse also offers a unified experience when building end-to-end analytics solutions, such as data prep, data management, data warehousing, big data, and AI tasks:

  • Data engineers can use a code-free visual environment for managing data pipelines.
  • Database administrators can automate query optimization.
  • Data scientists can build proofs of concept in minutes. Business analysts can securely access datasets and use Power BI to build dashboards in minutes—all while using the same analytics service.

Azure has built security and privacy into the fabric of Azure Synapse, including automated threat detection and always-on data encryption. For organizations that need “fine-grained access control”, Azure has added column-level and native rowlevel security, as well as dynamic data masking to automatically protect sensitive data in real-time.

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