by Adam Armstrong

Bacula Announces First Automated Backup For Docker

Today Bacula Systems announced the first fully automated backup and recovery for Docker with its Docker Container module. The company states that this will increase its leadership in high performance backup and recovery for enterprises and managed services providers. This is the first of several significant technology announcements around Container technology they intend to make this year.

Bacula Systems was formed in 2009 out of the Bacula Project. Nine years prior, Kern Shibbald was working with the Open Source community developing the Bacula project that became known as a true enterprise-ready backup solution. Now Bacula Systems bills itself as the leading Enterprise Open Core backup and restore software company, combining Bacula’s enterprise-class open standards software with first-class support and professional services.

There is definitely a demand for enterprise-grade backup and recovery solutions for those that use containers. Seeing the need Bacula stepped up with its new solutions. Organizations that leverage container technology based on Docker, SUSE CaaS or OpenShift can see an ease in the workloads of their IT and DevOps departments.

The main features of Bacula Docker Module are:

  • Backup and Recovery of Docker containers configuration, volumes and images
  • Fully integrated solution, adhering to Docker philosophy and methodology
  • Complete automation for rapid roll-out of container protection strategies
  • Fully effective integration, using Docker API
  • Free of charge with Bronze Level Subscriptions and above
  • Image saving, image rollback and backup of image changes
  • Fine-grained control over what containers and images to back up

Availability and Pricing

The Bacula Docker Module is available now and is free with Bacula Enterprise Edition Bronze level subscriptions and above.

Bacula Systems

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