by Adam Armstrong

Baidu Announces OpenEdge

Today at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Baidu, Inc. announced its open source intelligent edge computing platform, OpenEdge. OpenEdge is stated as being able to enable developers to build light, secure, and scalable edge applications and solutions with more flexibility to accelerate AI applications. Along with OpenEdge, the company announced two other intelligent edge computing technologies: BIE-AI-BOX and BIE-AI-Board. 

OpenEdge is part of the Baidu Cloud that was updated in September to include AI, Big Data, and Cloud Computing. OpenEdge is the local package component of the company’s commercial software product, Baidu Intelligent Edge (BIE). According to Baidu, BIE also consists of a cloud-based management suite that provides functions to manage the edge nodes, the edge apps, and the resources such as certification, password, and program code.

Baidu states that developers leveraging OpenEdge can build edge computing systems and deploy them on different types of hardware. These edge computing systems will be deployed locally but will have all essential features such as data collection, message distribution, function compute, AI inference, and cloud synchronization.

The two new products are:

  • BIE-AI-BOX Baidu and Intel will jointly launch BIE-AI-BOX, a hardware incorporating BIE technologies specially designed for In-vehicle video analysis. BIE-AI-BOX connects with cameras in vehicles to optimize video analysis and will officially provide AI apps for road recognition, car body monitoring, and driver’s behavior recognition.
  • BIE-AI-Board Baidu and NXP Semiconductors will jointly launch BIE-AI-Board. The BIE software installed board can be embedded into hardware of different shapes, such as cameras, drones, and robots, to perform various kinds of detection tasks. 

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