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Barracuda Announces Backup 6.3 With New Enhancements

Today Barracuda announced the latest version of its Backup, version 6.3, with new enhancements centered around better performance, enhanced public cloud support, and higher capacity. These new enhancements will be available in both physical and virtual Barracuda Backup appliances for customers with active subscriptions. Barracuda is also increasing capacity, while at the same time lowering price.

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Fast restores to aide disaster recovery are becoming more and more crucial to the industry that is suffering from rampant ransomware attacks. According to Osterman Research, nearly half of all companies surveyed have been hit with at least one ransomware attack in the past 12 months. Complete backups mean that organizations won’t have to pay ransoms or worry about losing their data. The latest version of Barracuda Backup adds enhancements to make restores faster and more efficient.

Barracuda claims that these new enhancements will boost backup speeds and recovery performance by 1.5-2x on large files and 3x on file server backups with millions of small files with the Barracuda Backup Agent (which allows granular file and application recovery). Barracuda Backup Agent now has multi-streaming that complements existing recovery options for physical-to-physical (P2P), physical-to-virtual (P2V) or virtual-to-virtual (V2V) scenarios. With LiveBoot, users will be given the flexibility to run image-based backups with instant recovery for virtual servers. One other new enhancement is a queuing system that, according to Barracuda, significantly increases replication performance for highly transactional environments with large amounts of replicated change data.

As more companies move toward cloud-based and cloud-first architecture, and cloud-based software such as Microsoft Office 365, Barracuda is increasing its presence in cloud environments. Barracuda released an updated Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Office 365 and introduce public cloud integration. Now Barracuda Backup administrators have the option to export data to virtual tapes stored in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) or Glacier for archiving using the AWS Storage Gateway VTL.

Aside from the enhancements, Barracuda is making their products more attractive to buyers by lowering the price and increasing capacity. Barracuda has taken its 990 and increased the total capacity 33%, up to 48TB from 36TB. The higher capacity 990 ships to new customers and existing customers with an Instant Replacement subscription can upgrade through a hardware refresh. Barracuda is also lowering the price of its 95 and 1090 appliances as well as their subscription prices.

Availability and pricing

General availability of the new Barracuda Backup 6.3 is expected this fall with early availability available to select customers. The Barracuda Backup 995 appliance with 72TB of usable storage capacity starts at $66,999 for the appliance, and $12,049 for a one-year Energize Updates subscription. The Barracuda Backup 1090 appliance with 112TB of usable storage capacity starts at $104,999 for the appliance and $18,899 for a one-year Energize Updates subscription. Barracuda Backup Vx virtual appliance subscriptions start at a US list price of $599 per-socket or per-server per year. Replication to the Barracuda Cloud for Barracuda Backup Vx starts at a US list price of $799 per TB per year.

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