by Adam Armstrong

Barracuda Backup Can Now Be Replicated To AWS

Today Barracuda Networks, Inc. announced that its Barracuda Backup can now replicate data securely and efficiently to AWS. This works for data that resides on either physical or virtual backup appliance. This gives customers more flexibility in their choice of replication targets and is especially beneficial to customers of both Barracuda and Amazon.

Organizations need to keep separate copies of the data in more than one site. But the smaller organizations (not to mention larger ones without the budget) can’t have multiple data centers spread across the world. This makes cloud solutions, such as Amazon’s AWS, more attractive. Users of Barracuda Backup will find that it is integrated as an end-to-end solution with the ability to replicate to customers’ AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket with minimal configuration. Users need not deploy compute recourses in AWS or have an expert understating of AWS infrastructure. Users with familiarity of both products will find that they can set up replication quickly.

Barracuda is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Through this partnership they are able to firewall solutions for AWS, including Barracuda’s Web Application Firewall that has been pre-approved and certified with the AWS APN Competency Certification. Today’s release means that Barracuda is a partner that provides both security and storage solutions in AWS.


Barracuda Backup replication to AWS is available immediately in North America, with worldwide deployment expected in the coming months.

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