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Barracuda Expands Its Backup Product Line While Lowering The Cost

Today Barracuda Networks Inc. announced that it was updated and expanding its Backup product line. Along with expanding and updating this product line, Barracuda is also offering new subscription and cloud storage prices. Barracuda is also announcing two new appliances, the Barracuda Backup 790 and 895 offering 12TB and 24TB of usable capacity, respectively. These announcements give Barracuda’s existing and future customers more flexibility in their data protection and recovery solutions.

Last year Barracuda released their virtual backup solution, Barracuda Backup Vx. They have announced a new subscription policy and a new lower starting price. Barracuda is now offering metered cloud storage with Backup Vx for offsite replication. The price is based off of capacity and capacity is figured on how much cloud storage is consumed after deduplication and compression. For basic disaster recovery, customers can choose to replicate to a remote Backup Vx.

Last June Barracuda released a cloud-to-cloud backup that supported Office 365. The cloud-to-cloud backup was part of the larger backup service. Barracuda is now offering its cloud-to-cloud backup as a standalone service and it is offering it at significantly less than similar competitive options. Cloud-to-cloud can be used with Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 Complete Protection edition, which includes backup, archiving, and email security in an integration solution designed for Office 365 environments.

And finally Barracuda is offering new larger backup models including the Barracuda Backup 790 with 12TB of usable capacity and the Barracuda Backup 895 with 24TB of usable capacity. This give customers that need more capacity more options when choosing a backup solution. 

Availability and pricing

Barracuda Backup Vx virtual appliance subscriptions start at a US list price of $599 USD per-socket or per-server per year. Replication to the Barracuda Cloud starts at a US list price of $799 USD per TB per year and includes inline source and target-based global deduplication and compression, as well as data redundancy between or within Barracuda’s geographically dispersed enterprise-grade data centers. The Barracuda Backup 790 appliance starts at a US list price of $17, 698 USD, and the Barracuda Backup 895 appliance starts at a US list price

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