by Adam Armstrong

Broadcom Announces The Industry’s First NVMe/SAS/SATA Storage Controllers

Today Broadcom Limited announced that it is sampling the industry’s first NVMe/SAS/SATA controllers and its unmatched NVMe software portfolio. These new controllers bring a higher level of innovation to the data center. NVMe technology can dramatically lower latency in SSDs. Broadcom’s announcement today can help data centers take full advantage of NVMe SSD performance.

Broadcom is announcing PEX9700, 6th generation PCIe Switches. This switch series offers seven models with 12 to 97 lanes that offer a robust and scalable solution to deploy NVMe drives in servers and external storage systems. This series also offers features such as NVMe surprise add/remove, sharing across multiple hosts with failover, and advanced QoS capabilities. Broadcom states that by combining advanced management software and a proven software development tool kit its PEX9700 series allow server and storage OEM/ODMs to quickly deliver enterprise-ready NVMe storage connectivity solutions.

Broadcom is also releasing a NVMe/SAS/SATA Storage Adapter that they claim will bring NVMe performance benefits to the storage tier by providing connectivity and data protection that MegaRAID has provided for over 20 years for SAS/SATA interfaces. This controller is the industry’s first with Tri-Mode SerDes, enabling system designs to support any combination of NVMe, SAS and SATA devices. Broadcom claims that this controller will provide 50% latency reduction and a 60% throughput increase compared to its previous generation.

The new portfolio includes:

  • PCIe Switches: Leading provider of PCIe Switches with over 120 Million ports shipped. 
  • NVMe Server/JBOF Management Software: Used with our NVMe Switches, the solution software accelerates and simplifies the development of robust NVMe based servers/JBOF.
  • NVMe Storage Adapters (HBA/RAID): As the leading provider of SAS/SATA storage controllers, HBA, and RAID adapters, Broadcom is sampling the industry’s first combined NVMe/SAS/SATA storage controllers.
  • NVMe SSD Controllers: Leading manufacturer of custom SSD controllers with greater than 50% share of the enterprise NVMe SSD's deployed and over a dozen NVMe SSD controllers in production.


Broadcom is now sampling the industry’s first NVMe hardware RAID solution.

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