by Michael Rink

Broadcom Release Advanced SAN Software and Appliance

On December 20th, Broadcom released both the Brocade SANnav Management Portal software and the Brocade 7810 Extension Switch appliance. That company states that is new software is aimed at delivering a dynamic, comprehensive, and faster managment experience for SAN users. The new switch is aimed to better hit DR requirements through faster dater transfer over a distance. 

Brocade SANnav Management Portal is a Storage Area Network (SAN) management and automation software program sold with 1 or 3-year licenses. It is paired with Brocade SANnav Global View which supports up to 6 instances of Brocade SANnav Management Portal (BSMP) and provides visibility into all of the instances it supports. BSMP captures SAN telemetry data and contextualizes this data into visual dashboards, enabling administrators to troubleshoot and identify opportunities for performance optimization quickly. 

Key features include:

  • Configuration management: not only configure switches but also identify ones that have experienced configuration drifts via a dashboard widget, and examine what exactly has changed in the environment.
  • Topology views: displays all directly connected entities in the data path for that switch, as well as all physical endpoint devices directly connected to that switch 
  • Report generation tools

The Brocade 7810 Extension Switch joins the rest of the sixth generation Brocade product family and provides modernized replication connectivity capabilities. It supports up to 10Gb/s replication throughput and consolidates FC and IP replication workloads. By providing lossless failover, the switch prevents costly replication restarts and helps maintain WAN performance during network disruptions. Intriguingly Broadcom claims it can compress and encrypt data without impacting performance. 



Broadcom Brocade SANnav Software Site

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