by Adam Armstrong

Broadcom Release New Family Of Emulex Gen 6 Fibre Channel HBAs

Today Broadcom Limited announced its latest family of family of Emulex Gen 6 Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs). This new family of HBAs is designed to address the growing enterprise data storage requirements of flash storage arrays, virtualized and cloud datacenters. Broadcom was recently acquired by Avago for $17 billion in cash though the company kept the name Broadcom. And this time last year Avago also acquired Emulex.

More and more data centers look to using flash to improve their performance. There is no doubt that data centers will se a performance boost in their storage, but that will ultimately push the bottleneck to the storage network. The new Gen 6 Fibre Channel HBAs are designed to tackle this problem and in turn enable data centers to get maximum ROI from their flash storage investments. Internal testing has shown impressive results including data warehousing transactions in 1⁄4 the time compared to 8GFC (Gen 4) HBAs, and approximately 1⁄2 the time compared to Gen 5 (16GFC) HBAs. Broadcom is also reporting twice the throughput, 40% lower hardware latency and 60% greater IOPS.

Benefits include:

  • Faster Flash: Deploy flash arrays together with the massive throughput of Emulex Gen 6 HBAs to avoid network bottlenecks, achieve maximum application performance and maximize ROI on Flash investments.
  • Better Virtualization: Maximize virtual machine density and more easily manage virtual environments.
  • Lossless, Reliable Networking: Enjoy lossless, ultra-reliable storage networking with enhanced, diagnostics & troubleshooting features.


The Emulex LPe31000 family is 32Gb-ready, and is available in a range of single, dual, and quad-port models with 16GFC optics. Optics can be upgraded to 32Gb, enabling data centers to scale-up when needed. The Emulex LPe32000 is available in single and dual-port models with 32GFC speeds delivered standard. Single and dual-port models are available this month, with the quad- port becoming available next quarter.

Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs

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