by Adam Armstrong

Brocade Announces Updates To Its Analytics Monitoring Platform

Today Brocade announced several new features and capabilities to its Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform. Brocade states that the new capabilities will help provide organizations with end-to-end visibility and greater insight into application performance.  If organizations are facing network latency issues, they will be able to use the platform to help them pinpoint the root cause of the issues and resolve them faster.

The need to deploy applications faster than ever before is growing in almost all companies. In order to hit their goals companies need to introduce several technologies such as virtualization, cloud, and automation. While these new technologies will help companies hit their performance goals they also introduce a high level of complexity that may mean finding and correcting issues can take longer than expected. More and more companies need strong analytic tools to help them find issues as quickly as possible or proactively resolve something before it results in downtime.

Brocade’s Analytics Monitoring Platform is designed to measure application and device level I/O performance and analyzes traffic behavior within Brocade Gen 6 and Gen 5 Fibre Channel networks.  The Platform is a 2U purpose-built SAN appliance that, according to Brocade, delivers actionable intelligence to administrators enabling them to optimize application performance.  Brocade also claims that the platform is non-invasive and non-disruptive and utilizes Brocade Fabric Vision technology.

New features include:

  • Greater flexibility of monitoring and alerting with Flow Collections.  This capability allows users to customize monitoring levels per device or application or other uniquely defined logical groups of data flows.  The ability to create logical groups of highly granular flow information simplifies troubleshooting, speeds up the planning process and provides simple yet flexible monitoring options for users.
  • Optimized user workflows in Brocade Network Advisor for the Analytics Monitoring Platform allow users to quickly identify problem behaviors and rapidly perform root cause analysis.  A new Investigation Mode feature provides intuitive views to instantly drill into the details required for understanding complex behaviors and correlating events.
  • A Flow Filtering capability allows users to pinpoint critical information of interest even in the most complex, virtualized environments with thousands of devices and tens of thousands of flows.
  • Customizable reporting capabilities correlate metrics and events, summarize trends for behavior analysis and demonstrate compliance with performance SLAs.
  • A new database architecture in Brocade Network Advisor provides a highly responsive user experience and increased scalability for large environments.

Along with these new capabilities, customers using Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform in either Brocade Gen 6 or Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN can also leverage VM Insight. VM Insight will give users visibility into the application performance of individual VMs, allowing them to optimize VM performance and availability. VM Insight works through standards-based VM tagging. Leveraging this technology, users can fine-tune the infrastructure to meet service level objectives.


Brocade will be demonstrating the new capabilities of its Analytics Monitoring Platform at VMworld 2016 in Brocade Booth #935.  General availability is planned for the fourth quarter of 2016. VM Insight is expected to be supported by the Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform in 2017.

Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform

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