by Adam Armstrong

Burlywood Introduces TrueFlash Software

Burlywood has introduced its new storage software solution, TrueFlash. The software is designed to help users to use their flash storage in a more efficient manner. This can result in both higher performance and lower costs by tailoring the storage to their requirements and not buying more than needed.

Burlywood has a team of storage controller experts that have decades of experience with companies such as HP, Western Digital, Hitachi, Micron and Intel. Working primarily with hyperscale, content delivery, and cloud markets, Burlywood intends to accelerate time to market with its patented TrueFlash Software. Burlywood sees a few issues with the current offerings of SSDs and is using its software to improve upon them.

Flash storage is rapidly growing becoming the dominant storage option for a number of applications. Storage vendors have been quick to release larger and more powerful versions over the last few years following a similar model of HDDs before them. Burlywood argues that several customers don’t need flash storage that has been built for the masses but storage tailored to their needs. TrueFlash is billed as the first modular flash storage architecture that allows customers to control performance while lowering costs through the avoidance of overprovisioning and the use of commodity flash.

TrueFlash uses an integrated multi-stream QoS to provide advanced traffic management and consistent performance. In other words, customers can tune their storage to exactly fit their workloads. The software is designed specifically for hyperscale data centers and AFA/HCI systems. SSDs based on TrueFlash software and FPGA support all storage formants, any protocol, as well as current and future NAND memory. 


TrueFlash is available now.


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